• Stephanie Walkenshaw

    Stephanie Walkenshaw

    Tech PR pro with focus on security; mom of two; lover of art, science and all things literary

  • Nikolaos Chrysaidos

    Nikolaos Chrysaidos

    Cyber Threat Intelligence | Neo-Generalist | Speaker | I always ask and going old-school (350 BC, Aristotle) with first principles

  • Jean-Yves KRAPF

    Jean-Yves KRAPF

    Ingénieur sécurité, passionné d'informatique, de photo, de lecture, et parfois d'écriture

  • Koen Rouwhorst

    Koen Rouwhorst

    Security Engineer

  • Tycho


  • Adrian Luca

    Adrian Luca

    Security Test Engineer @virusbtn

  • Shailesh Venugopal

    Shailesh Venugopal

  • Rodolfo Saccani

    Rodolfo Saccani

    Rodolfo Saccani manages research and development in Libraesva, a security company. Rodolfo Saccani is also free flight safety officer in FIVL.

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